St. George’s Park Annual Easter Egg Hunt

easter egg hunt action shot.jpg

We're looking forward to our 15th annual egg hunt in the park. This is a terrific non-profit event purely intended to bring our neighbours together for a great morning of family fun.

It cannot happen without wonderful volunteers who help me stuff the eggs, hide them in the park and collect the eggs so they can be recycled next year.

Last year we had over 120 children.


Egg Hunt: Friday April 19th 2019 at 10:00am sharp (don't be late or you'll miss it)

Preregistration Required - $5 per child dropped in envelope with name(s) though mail slot in front door of 57 Grange Street by April 15th

8 eggs per child (this is not a perfect system)

Find the golden egg and win a great prize!

Bring an easter basket to collect the eggs. Eggs are recycled, so after your child finds their 8 eggs, crack them open into your basket, keep the contents and turn the shells in.

We Need Your Help!

email me (Carolyn) at

Egg Stuffers: Come to my house (57 Grange St.) on Tuesday April 16th from 7pm to 9pm

Egg Hiders: Help hide the eggs in the park on Friday April 19th at 9:30am

Egg Collectors: Collect the eggs to be reused next year

Easter Bunny: We have a bunny for this year